Acute care

This programme of care is suitable for people who are suffering from obvious symptoms like pain, stiffness, headaches etc, or have a condition that is present because they have a Chiropractic Subluxation (e.g. stomach irritation). Patients will initially require anything from 2 to 5 visits per week to get the problem under control. When enough vertebral joint motion has returned there will be a decrease of inflammation and nerve irritation. As the spinal function returns and the signs and symptoms begin to subside, the frequency of visits will decrease. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, adjunctive procedures are often used. They include massage, stretching, electrotherapy and dry needle acupuncture. Nutritional supplements are often recommended to help with the speed of recovery. Home exercises, lifestyle and ergonomic advice are usually given.


Maintenance care

This programme of care is helpful for patients who are out of the acute stage of care. It helps to maintain joint movement and is helpful to lower the risk of an acute relapse. People who know that they feel easier and perform better when they get adjusted use this type of care. It is especially suitable for people who play sports (golf, football, netball, hockey, tennis, rugby, cricket etc) and people who work on computers. Patients will have a spinal analysis and Chiropractic adjustments as required. Adjunctive procedures are sometimes needed. Nutritional supplements are used sometimes. Home exercises and advice are continued.

Visits are scheduled monthly.


Wellness Care

This programme of care is for people who have no symptoms and hold their adjustments well. It is a check up to detect any spinal problems (like a dental check only for your spine). The spine is analysed and any subluxations present are adjusted. Adjunctive procedures are not usually required.

Visits are usually scheduled at 3-monthly intervals.