Current Fee Schedule

                                              Adults              Children

Initial consultation                      £40                    £35

Subsequent visits                       £30                    £24


Radiographic Examination (X-Rays)

Radiographic examinations are usually arranged at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic. Fees for this service are payable directly to the provider.

In line with GCC guidelines and the Data Protection Act, radiographs will be held at this clinic for several years.  They can be sent to consultants/clinicians if required or copies can be purchased.

Health Insurers

Patients wishing to use private health insurance must confirm cover with their provider prior to starting treatment at this clinic. The patient will be required to pay the relevant fees directly to this clinic at the time of treatment and should claim reimbursement from their insurer. Receipts will be provided.

Payment Method

Payment is required on the day of treatment.  Fees may be paid by debit/credit card, cheque (with a valid cheque guarantee card) or by cash.   Missed appointments or cancellations without 24 hours prior notice will be charged.